All About Bites

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Initial Treatment The first steps to take after getting away from the animal (or person) is to cleanse the wound thoroughly.  This can be done with soap and water and large volumes of tap water directly to the open wound in just a few minutes.  Then hold direct pressure until the bleeding stops and apply… Read more »

Diagnosis: Poison Ivy – UGH!

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Poison Ivy

As soon as the weather turns warm, we find ourselves spending more time outdoors whether pursuing outdoor adventures like hiking and playing sports or working in our yards and gardens preparing for spring. Weeds and other suspicious looking plants begin popping up everywhere. The last few weeks we are seeing many patients with widespread poison… Read more »

6 Benefits of Urgent Care Medicine to an Emergency Physician

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  As an emergency physician with an unconventional background, previously as a Navy SEAL, I’m always looking for new challenges, but I never pictured Urgent Care as part of my career.  Now I’m glad I did.  While most practicing Emergency Physicians don’t often consider the value of practicing urgent care medicine, there are many benefits… Read more »