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Safety in sports is always important. CT Urgent Care Centers wants to remind local residents that March is National Cheerleading Safety Month.

This annual observance is an opportunity to learn more about cheerleading safety and spread vital information to cheerleading programs across the United States, ultimately ensuring that the most up to date safety protocols and rules are being followed.

Throughout the month of March, groups like, UCA, and the AACCA offer important tools, training sessions and regular updates to give athletes, coaches and parents the latest information about cheerleading safety. Each of these organizations work tirelessly to publicly spread the word about this important nationwide event.

For those wanting to participate in National Cheerleading here are a few things that you can do to improve cheer safety:

CT Urgent Care Centers also recommends that before starting any sports program, athletes get a sports physical. These exams are vital in determining whether it is safe for you to participate in your given sport. Most states require that children and teens receive a sports physical before starting a new competitive season. At CT Urgent Care Centers, our sports physicals are convenient, comprehensive, and affordable.

For more information about our services, including sports physicals, visit, or call us today at 860-378-8585.

For more information regarding Cheerleading Safety, visit:

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